Supplier selection criteria

Questionnaires are often used as a means of assessing and short-listing applicants for selected tender lists for supplies and specific service contracts. The forms are not limited as to what information is requested but will usually include some or all of the following:

General information

The general information requested provides basic details about a prospective tenderer and verifies that it can be identified as a legitimate trading organisation.

Financial information

Companies will be asked for certain financial information relating to the recent historical performance of the company, normally the last three years.  Private and Public Limited Companies may be required to submit fully audited accounts as registered at Companies House. Other applicants will be requested to submit copies of their financial statements, business plans and/or a certified statement of turnover.

The information is used to assess the financial position of the organisation in relation to the size of the contract. Information is also required to check that an organisation is registered (if appropriate) for tax purposes and complies with specific insurance requirements.

A financial check will be carried out on all shortlisted suppliers.

If the contract is in excess of 150k the shortlisted suppliers may be asked to provide information to the council's independent financial appraisal agents.

Technical resources and references

Information is requested to enable the council to assess the resources a prospective supplier has at its disposal to carry out the contract. By taking up references the council will be able to make an of past performance.

Environmental and social

The council has a good record on enhancing and improving the environment. The authority has adopated a Sustainable Environment Policy that includes a commitment to pursuing more environmentally friendly procurement and purchasing practices.

This commitment will be reflected in procurement activity through a number of measures including:

  • Cheltenham Borough Council Sustainable Environmental Policy
  • Tender environmental questionnaire
  • Cheltenham Borough Council Environmental and Social Responsibility Statements
  • Standard clauses emphasising the council's commitment to reducing packaging waste, incresing the recycled content of materials and minimising transport impacts
  • Identification of relevant environmental legislation and requirement that tenderers are able to supply documented evidence to demonstrate compliance if requested
  • Request for tenderers to volunteer information about more environmentally friendly alternative products/services
  • Requirement that, where appropriate, tenderers provide documented evidence that their products have not been manufactured under unacceptable working conditions e.g involving the use of child labour and forced labour

Equal opportunities

The council strongly supports equal opportunity, equal access and positive outcomes for all sections of the community and aims to ensure that organisation that provide services on behalf of the council comply with equal opportunity legislation and promote equality of opportunity.

The council also aims to encourage those suppliers with which it does business to observe and adhere to the council's principles contained within the council's race equality scheme. Questions will be asked about how race equality issues are included in any potential suppliers employment practices.

Health and safety

Depending upon the nature of the goods or services being procured prospective suppliers will be required to submit a copy of their health and safety policy which refers to health and safety legislation signed by a senior representative. Historical data may also be requested which indicates their record and performance in health and safety issues.


The prospective suppliers will be requested to sign a declaration that the information supplied is accurate and that there has been no collusion in preparing the tender.