Post-contract award

Contract monitoring

Suppliers and contractors will be monitored to assess their compliance to any service and agreement forming part of any contract. Contracts have to be performed in accordance with the requirements set out in the documentation.

Contract conditions will be strictly applied.  Failure to comply with the terms and conditions awarded by the council may result in a contractor being excluded from future invitations to tender.

The council is continuously striving to improve its performance in all aspects of the organisation and it expects its contractors to do likewise.


The council is committed to payment of undisputed invoices within 30 days of receipt. The contractor will submit invoices for payment promptly in accordance with the terms and conditions.

The council is a member of the Better Payment Practice Code whose aims are defined as:-

  • To pay undisputed bills when they fall due and to regularly reconcile statements
  • Ensure that terms of payment are dealt with fully in purchasing negotiations
  • Advise suppliers of any claims or disputes within half the normal invoice processing time
  • Ensure that employees responsible for approving payments understand and implement the code

Complaints procedure

The council will adopt a variety of contract monitoring arrangements appropriate to the value of each contract. Most complaints will be discussed and resolved through these arrangements.

However, if any contractor or prospective supplier has a complaint about unfair treatment or discrimination that cannot be resolved through normal commercial contact with the council, the compliant must be made in writing and processed through the council's corporate complaints procedure.

This procedure details the policy for dealing with complaints, and ensures that the council acts fairly and promptly.