Green space volunteers

Who are the green space volunteers?

Meeting on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or adhoc basis there are multiple groups of volunteers across Cheltenham’s green spaces who want to make a difference to their local green and open spaces in the town.

What do the volunteers do?

Volunteers work alongside the community ranger in scheduled working groups.

The sessions begin with a chat about what is being undertaken, how and why. Any health and safety elements are discussed and the coordinator will hand out equipment. We supply gloves and hand tools, although some people prefer to bring their own.

Tasks include:

  • Seasonal bulb planting
  • Clearing vegetation
  • Cutting back shrubs
  • Sowing urban meadow mixes
  • Litter picking
  • Weeding

Benefits of getting involved

It is an opportunity to meet like-minded people and enjoy some fresh air and activity in the outdoors.

Volunteers tell us that they enjoy making a difference in their local community. It really does make a big difference.

If you would like to get involved, please take a look at the list of regular working parties.

Current working groups

Benhall open space

Meets every Monday and works from 9:30am – 12:00pm. Email [email protected]

Friends of Elmfield Park

Meet on an adhoc basis. Visit Friends of Elmfield Facebook page or email [email protected]

FOLK (Friends of Leckhampton Hill)

Meet on the second Thursday, third Tuesday and fourth Sunday of every month. Visit the Friends of Leckhampton Hill website, Friends of Leckhampton Hill Facebook page, or email: [email protected]

Griffiths Avenue Nature Reserve working party

Meet’s on the third Tuesday of the month from 9.30am – 1pm. Email [email protected]

Friends of Hatherley Park

Meets every Thursday and works from 2pm – 4pm. Email: [email protected] or visit the Friends of Hatherley park Facebook page.

Friends of Hatherley Court

Meets on the first Tuesday of the month and works from 9.30am – 12.30pm. Email [email protected]

Friends of KGV (King George V)

Meet’s on the fourth Monday of the month from 9.30am – 12pm. Email [email protected] or visit the Friends of King George V Facebook page.

Naunton Park’s working party

Meet on an adhoc basis. Email [email protected]

Friends of PBNR (Pilley Bridge Nature Reserve)

Meets on the first Saturday of the month from 10.30am – 12.30pm. Email: [email protected] or visit the Friends of Pilley Bridge nature reserve Facebook page.

Friends of Pittville Park

Meets on the first and third Thursday of the month from 9am – 11am. Email [email protected] or visit the Friends of Pittville Park Facebook page.

Friends of Sanford Park

Meets on the second Tuesday of the month from 9.30 – 12.30pm. Email [email protected] or visit the Friends of Sandford Park website.

Tewkesbury Road Rest Garden

Meet on Monday’s and Thursday from 9am – 1pm. Email [email protected] or visit the Tewkesbury Road rest garden Facebook page.

Friends of WCMG (Winston Churchill Memorial Garden)

Meets on the second and fourth Thursday of the month from 9.30am – 12.30pm. Email: [email protected] or visit the Friends of Winston Churchill Memorial Garden Facebook page.

Minster Quarter Party

Minster Mondays, 11am to 12.30pm. Weekly community group preserving Cheltenham's oldest chruch grounds.  No regular commitment required - meet at the circle. For more details, email [email protected].

Next steps

Please do get in touch in you are interested in joining one of the groups above. Whatever your previous skill level or experience, all groups are welcoming and love meeting likeminded folk who enjoy the fresh air and being active outdoors. Some working parties also have refreshments partway or at the end with a hot drink and slice of homemade cake or biscuit.

Volunteering with a business or community group

If you are a business or community group who wants to use your volunteer days by doing something for the community, please do get in touch. Normally we will invite you along to one of the working parties above to help regular volunteers on one off meatier tasks (ensuring there is a good ‘before’ and ‘after’ photo). Have a look at the list and see if any locations or dates are best for you before getting in touch. Contact: [email protected]

If you have any other questions, please contact us at [email protected]

Please also contact us if you are part of a corporate entity or a community group interested in organising a local litter pick or a volunteering day in a green space.