Occasional use notice

This notice allows:

  • Licensed operators with permission from the Gambling Commission to use tracks for a short period for conducting betting
  • The betting must be of a temporary and infrequent nature

It therefore means that in these circumstances a betting premises licence is not required.

Notice can be given by:

  • The person responsible for organising events on the track
  • An occupier of the track


  • Can only be used for eight days or less in a year.

How to give notice

1.  Give a copy of the notice to the licensing team

2.  Send a copy to:

Gloucestershire Constabulary
County Police Headquarters
No. 1 Waterwells
Waterwells Drive
Telephone: 01452 754482
Email: Licensing@gloucestershire.police.uk

Objections cannot be made as long as the notice covers a period no more than eight days in year.


There is no fee.