Messages of solidarity

A collection of messages submitted by our community through our online book of solidarity.

Your brave struggle against a brutal and oppressive oppressor inspires me and is a beacon of light in a dark time. I find it painful and humiliating that we are not doing more to help stop this catastrophe for the Ukrainian people. The only solace I can find is in hoping your valiant resolve eventually results in the demise of the tyrant Putin. Steve

Give Peace a Chance! I fully support Ukraine. Stop the War in Ukraine. Give Peace a Chance! For Freedom to all over the World but special for Ukraine!! NO MORE WAR, WE SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peace will surely come back to Ukraine. God Bless Ukraine!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ana Costa

Putin is trying to take away the democratic and human rights of the people of Ukraine and his forces have already caused widespread damage and death. I would like to add my condemnation of  these actions and state my solidarity with the people of Ukraine and not forgetting those Russian people who are demonstrating against this war.” I support the actions of the UK Government alongside other governments to support Ukraine. JD Knowles

My heart goes out to you in these horrendous times. I have been raising awareness and collecting items that may be of use. I wish I could do more. God bless you. Penny

My thoughts and Prayers are with the people of Ukraine as they resist the unprovoked attack from Putins forces . We may well be witnessing the greatest assault on innocent people since the holocast and the excesses of Stalin.
The courage of the people and armed forces of Ukraine is inspiring and the day will come when Ukraine is free and peaceful again. Putin has also betrayed the people of Russia and it is the interests of them and the entire world that he is removed. Tim Harman

Hi People of Ukraine. My name is Marie. I live in Winchcombe Cheltenham England. It is breaking my heart watching what is happening to your country. I am appalled at the dreadful situation you are facing. I stand in solidarity with you at this horrifying moment  in your history. Here people in UK are praying this will end soon. Marie

Our hearts go out for the people of Ukraine at this dreadful time.  We cannot imagine the horrors you are experiencing - not since World War II have we witnessed such awful scenes in Europe and the wanton destruction of your towns and cities, the attacks on innocent civilian populations, and the flight of millions is too reminiscent of previous of times of barbarism we had hoped never to see again.  Your courage in the face of this suffering is a source of admiration. We stand with you in solidarity and hope that peace will soon return to your country, your people and your families. Prof Neil A Wynn

The unprovoked and illegal invasion of your country has caused anger and disgust throughout the world, feelings which I personally share. Slava Ukraina. The Mayor of Cheltenham Cllr Steve Harvey

I stand in solidarity with the citizens of Ukraine. Charlotte

We are in awe of the bravery and determination shown by the people of Ukraine in the face of such blatant and unwarranted aggression.  It is very humbling and our thoughts and prayers are with you. Bruce & Barbara

I stand by and support the people of Ukraine while they are invaded by an autocratic, terrorist state. I strongly believe they have been invaded with no good reason and have done nothing to deserve the despicable violence they are being subjected to. Richard Arthur

President Zalenskyy, people of Ukraine, What is happening in Ukraine is truly horrendous and the world watches on in disbelief. We stand with you, we applaud your courage and indomitable spirit in the face of the unjustified terror which you are enduring at the hands of Russia. We pray that you will receive the support you need to prevail, for the sake of humanity, and we know you will find the strength to drive out the Pretender. Long live Ukraine. Richard

In the West we take freedom and peace for granted. We place great importance on very minor things and complain about nonsense. Ukrainians are confronted with the reality of facing a brutal, sadistic military regime that does not care about personal-pronouns or gender studies. This war is a tragedy for all involved and is largely down to one deluded old man dreaming of “past glory”. Stand united and strong Ukraine. Stephen Lewis

Your peoples strength is immense! I pray for you each day that the war will end and you can rebuild your community. Ukraine Ukraine We love you and you deserve to overcome this unjust attack from a cruel man who doesn’t belong in todays world. xx  Zoe Barker

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