Special procedure for occasional street trading and objects on the highway

We offer pre-application advice for occasional street trading and objects on the highway consent.

This special procedure relates to applications for occasional street trading or consent to place objects on the highway where the application(s) relates to some form of promotional activity.

Guidance for applicants

The guidance sets out the procedure the council expects applicants to follow when making an application for consent to hold promotional events in the town centre. For the purpose of this guidance note, unless otherwise stated, it is irrelevant whether the promotional event is charitable, not for profit or commercial in nature.

Choosing a location

Cheltenham’s town centre is predominantly pedestrianised with certain vehicular access points. As a consequence, there is limited suitable space for certain objects to occupy space in the town centre. The council has therefore designated specific spaces in the town centre suitable for objects/vehicles associated with promotional events (see attached maps for reference):

Please note that it will be the applicant’s responsibility to choose an appropriate location for the application.

What application to make

Street trading – If you are, or intend to, sell or offer for sale items associated with your promotional event, you will be required to make an application for street trading consent. (If you intend to sell alcohol, contact the council’s licensing department).

Please note: If you apply for street trading consent, consent for the objects associated with your event will be covered and there will not be a need for you to make an additional application for permission to place an object on the highway.

Permission to place an object on the highway – If you are not selling, or offering, anything for sale but will have objects (such as banners, tables, chairs, marquees) with your promotional event, you will require permission for objects to be placed on the public highway.

Vehicles only – If your promotional event involves only a mechanically propelled vehicle to be parked with no ancillary objects (e.g. banners, tables, chairs, marquees), you can obtain permission directly from Cheltenham Borough Council (licensing@cheltenham.gov.uk or 01242 262626).

Any ancillary objects will require permission from Cheltenham Borough Council (see “Permission to place an object on the highway”).

Handing out leaflets and other printed promotional material – If you want to distribute any free printed promotional material, you will need to apply for a permit to do so.

If you will be handing out free alcohol samples, please contact the council’s licensing department.

What happens next?

Your application will be subject to a consultation that will last for 28 days starting on the day after we receive your application in full. Applications may be referred to the council's licensing committee to be determined. 

If the consent is granted, we will send it by email to the email address provided by you on your application form.

You must have a copy of the consent with you during the promotional event in case sight is required by an authorised officer.