Other evidence

Social, sport and open space study

Knight, Kavanagh & Page was commissioned in 2016 to produce an open spaces study. To make sure planning policies are ‘sound’, local authorities have to demonstrate a robust assessment of need for open space, sport and recreation facilities. The long-term outcomes aim to deliver:

  • networks of accessible, high quality open spaces and sport and recreation facilities, in both urban and rural areas, which meet the needs of residents and visitors that are fit for purpose and economically and environmentally sustainable
  • an appropriate balance between new provision and the enhancement of existing provision
  • clarity for developers and landowners about our requirements and expectations around the provision of open space and sport and recreation facilities

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Engaging communities project

Gloucestershire Rural Community Council (GRCC) was commissioned by Cheltenham Borough Council in 2016 to support communities in Cheltenham borough to consider their aspirations and present these in order to inform the Cheltenham Plan. The Cheltenham engaging communities project report has been compiled by GRCC, working in partnership with organisations and leaders in twelve communities. The report is structured in two parts:

  • Part one of the report provides a summary of activity as an overview across Cheltenham borough, summarising each community’s approach and drawing out key messages.
  • Part two of the report is presented as 12 separate documents, each containing a chapter devoted to one community, tracking their approach to the task and drawing out their conclusions, aspirations and priorities. Each chapter contains appendices which provide fuller detail of a profile produced by the community and outputs from engagement activities they have conducted as part of this project, plus relevant previous activity. Extracts from each community’s chapter are also included in annex B of this report.

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Core strategy sustainability appraisal scoping report (July 2008)

Sustainability appraisal, incorporating strategic environmental assessment, is a process designed to ensure that sustainability is inherent within all plans, policies and programmes. It allows the significant environmental, social and economic effects of implementing policy to be identified, assessed, subjected to public participation and taken account of by decision makers. Once adopted, it also allows the plan to be monitored and can act as a review mechanism for the plan.

Sustainability appraisal forms an integral part of the preparation of documents within the Development Plan. The first stage of the process is to produce a scoping report, which consists of an analysis of the context that the document is written in - both in terms of other plans, policies and programmes and the environmental, economic and social situation in the area that the document will cover. The relevant plans policies and programmes are analysed to identify any key sustainability themes that are common - such as climate change, flooding and sustainable economic growth. Meanwhile the baseline situation of the area is also analysed and any key sustainability issues that are specific to the local area are identified. These key isues and themes are then used to develop a set of sustainability objectives for the document to address. All this information is summarised in a sustainability appraisal framework, which can then be used to assess the document.

To date, Cheltenham Borough Council has undertaken a number of sustainability appraisals of supplementary planning documents, although this is due to changes in legislation and is not now usually required. We have also produced a scoping report for our Core Strategy Development Plan Document (DPD). This scoping report was put out for consultation with statutory consultees - English Heritage, Environment Agency and Natural England - and other local stakeholders in January and February 2008 and updated to account for their recommended changes. The ammended scoping report is available, complete with appendices.

Since producing this scoping report, Cheltenham Borough Council has resolved to undertake a Joint Core Strategy with Gloucester City Council and Tewkesbury Borough Council.

Our Cheltenham - Creating sustainable communities (October 2007)

The 'Our Cheltenham - Creating sustainable communities' event organised by Cheltenham Strategic Partnership and Cheltenham Stronger Communities Partnership was held at Pittville Pump Room on 29 October 2007.

The event combined the launch of Cheltenham's Sustainable Community Strategy, 'Our Future, Our Choice' with the remainder of the day involving the 120 delegates participating in workshops exploring some of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that face Cheltenham now and in the future.

Public consutlation - Issues and Options (Summer 2006)

Throughout 2006, we undertook a comprehensive programme of consultation to inform the second version of the Community Plan (2007-2010) and the ongoing work on the Development Plan. Recognising that both these documents are critical in shaping the future of the town, there was clear political and officer support for a wide-ranging programme of consultation to ensure that as many local people as possible had the opportunity to influence the outcome.

Sustainable Community Strategy 2008 - 2011 (October 2007)

The Sustainable Community Strategy is rooted in the needs and aspirations of those that live and work in Cheltenham. During 2006, the Cheltenham Strategic Partnership (CSP) undertook an extensive programme of consultation called Cheltenham 2020 which led to the identification of key challenges and issues for Cheltenham that the CSP needs to tackle. Secondly, over the summer of 2007, it led a programme of consulation on the form and content of the draft strategy in order that there was agreement across all partners and stakeholders about how we work together to respond to the future challenges facing the borough.

The strategy sets out a long-term, sustainable vision for Cheltenham backed up by cross-cutting principles and ambitions. This long term framework will influence all other plans and strategies produced by CSPs partner organisations such as the borough council, county council, police, health and care services and our partners in the voluntary and community sector.

Welcome to the future - s​​​​ocially sustainable communities model

Created in partnership with Barnwood Trust, Cheltenham Borough Homes and Bromford, this introductory paper sets out a number of ways in which organisations can work together to create sustainable new communities. The paper suggests key actions to support the development of a socially
sustainable community.