Recycle and Go

Recycle and go bins on the High Street

In December 2019 Cheltenham Borough Council installed four new bins in the High Street. These bins are manufactured from recycled Durapol® material which is extremely durable and can be fully recycled after their usable life. 

The new bins were very different from the existing bins located around the town and this is deliberate. The new bins are bigger and easier to see to encourage more recycling. The blue bin collects paper and card, the red bin collects plastics and cans and the yellow bin collects empty coffee cups. The litter bin can be used for any non-recyclable materials, including dog waste and all the bins are designed to make it difficult for gulls to access.

Following on from the installation of the recycle and go bins in the high street, we now have recycling facilities at Pittvile Park and Montpellier Gardens.