Terms and conditions for the garden waste scheme

Please read the terms and conditions before you sign up for our garden waste scheme. Please keep a copy of this document for your records.

1. The council will provide a 240 litre brown bin which, under normal circumstances, will be emptied on a fortnightly basis. The normal collection day and alterations to collections due to public holidays are published on the council’s website. The service is not available to commercial organisations or businesses.

2. The customer will pay the agreed charge for the service provided, in accordance with the following conditions. The charge covers the cost of emptying one bin. Additional charges will apply to any additional bins required at a property.

3. The brown bins remain the property of the council.

4. Only agreed waste may be disposed of through this service. If the bin contains any unsuitable items, it will not be emptied.

Garden waste - what we will and won't collect

We will collect

We do not accept  (this list is not exclusive):

  • Grass cuttings
  • Hedge and shrub clippings
  • Leaves, twigs and bark
  • Branches less that 10cm (4”) in diameter
  • Small plants and weeds
  • Cut flowers and fallen fruit
  • Soil, rubble or bricks
  • Kitchen or food waste
  • Animal waste however pet bedding from herbivores is accepted
  • Tree stumps or branches over 10cm in diameter
  • Plastic bags, pots or trays

5. All waste must be contained within the bins provided. Any waste not contained in a Cheltenham Borough Council brown bin will not be collected. The exception to this is when the council has had to cancel the service as set out at 14.

6. Due to the mechanical methods used to empty bins, it is a requirement that bins are presented with the lids in the closed position. Bins should not be filled with such a weight as to make the moving or emptying process hazardous to the council's operatives. The council reserves the right to suspend or cancel the service to customers whose bins are overweight or if the lids are not closed. 

7. Bins should be presented on the kerbside by 7am on the day of collection, unless arrangements for an assisted collection have been agreed. Collection crews will not return if the bin is put out late or not presented.

8. Should collections be missed due to circumstances beyond the council's control, every effort will be made to arrange an alternative collection. However, the council shall have no liability to the customer if it is unable to provide an alternative collection. If a collection is missed, the customer must report it within 2 working days.

9. The customer shall be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the bin.

10. Charges are normally set annually from the 1 February each year and customers will be notified of the charge for the forthcoming year’s subscription at least 14 days prior to payment being due.

11. Payment is to be made annually in advance. If payment is not received before the service start date, the bin will be removed and the service will no longer be provided.  If the customer then wishes to renew, they will need to sign up as a new customer and will not be eligible for any promotions or discounted arrangements which the council may be offered to new customers

12. The subscription is in force for the full 12 months and if cancelled by the customer at any stage within this period, no refund will be issued and the bin will be removed.

13. The garden waste service will not operate for four weeks over the Christmas/New Year period. Details of the specific dates will be published on the council’s website.

14. Payment does not guarantee a specific number of collections a year. Collections may be suspended during periods of severe inclement weather in order to assist with the catch up arrangements for waste and recycling. The council reserves the right to withdraw its service at any time. No refund will be issued and the bin will be removed.

15. The brown bin remains the responsibility of the homeowner and if they move within the borough it is their responsibility to move the brown bin to the new property and notify the council of the change of address. If the homeowner moves outside of the borough they must notify the council so that arrangements can be made to collect the bin. Customers who either cancel their service or fail to renew their subscription and fail to present the bin for retrieval may be charged.

16. Any outstanding charges or invoices due to the council may be collected as a debt