Locally indexed buildings

To find out if your building is listed or locally indexed, type your address into our interactive map.

Cheltenham has many interesting buildings and structures which do not meet the strict criteria for statutory listing, but still make a special contribution to the history, appearance, character and cultural value of Cheltenham. We recognise these in our index of buildings of local interest which currently contains around 450 buildings and structures that are valued by the community.

Inclusion on the index does not affect any planning rights at the properties identified. However, the council will give careful consideration to the local importance of the property and its setting when considering any applications for planning or other consents. We may consider action to protect the building if it is considered to be under threat of demolition or damage. The index is reviewed annually and the public are consulted on proposed inclusions.

The index of buildings of local interest was adopted as a supplementary planning document (SPD) by the council in 2007. It is used as a material consideration in the determination of planning and related applications.

The index of buildings of local interest (SPD) provides advice and guidance to owners and occupiers of buildings included on the borough's index of buildings of local interest. There is also a strategic environmental assessment document which accompanies the local index (SPD).