About disabled facilities grants

Large, tiled level access shower with hand rails

A disabled facilities grant helps towards the cost of providing adaptations and facilities which make a disabled person safer and more mobile in their home. These grants are given by the council under Part 1 of the Housing Grants, Constructionand Regeneration Act 1996. Further information on the legislation can be found at information about the grants on GOV.UK.

The grant applicant must be the owner or tenant of a house, flat or mobile home and will not necessarily be the disabled person for whom the works are required.

Grant assistance can only be considered once the council has received a referral from an occupational therapist. For this reason the first step to making a grant application is to phone 01452 426868 or contact Gloucestershire social services and ask that the disabled person is assessed by an occupational therapist to see if they think adaptations would be necessary to meet the disabled person’s needs.

For further information on disabled facilities grants please contact us or read our information sheet on disabled facilities grants.

Gloucestershire councils are working together give residents support and guidance to apply for a disabled facilities grant. Find out further information and a step by step guide.