Disabled facilities capital fund

As well as adaptations to a disabled person’s home, Gloucestershire County Council will also consider giving a disabled facilities grant towards adaptations to community buildings that would provide increased access for older and disabled people to enhance their life opportunities.

Successful projects must meet the following principles:

  1. The money must be spent on capital projects
  2. Projects should ultimately benefit older people and/or people with disabilities and need to support the wider wellbeing and health of this target group with a focus on living independently for longer
  3. Capital spend is available up to £200k. This can include a maximum of 10 per cent to cover project management costs
  4. The funding is one off and non-recurring

Decision making process

  1. Projects with a value below £50,000 will be assessed by the disabled facilities grant forum. This forum meets bi-monthly but can meet at short notice if needed
  2. Projects with a value of over £50,000 will be considered by the Gloucestershire Strategic Housing Partnership group which meets monthly
  3. For projects over £50,000 there is likely to be a requirement to attend Strategic Housing Partnership or a separate visit to a site will be arranged to discuss the application in more detail

Applicants will be notified by the relevant group of the outcome of their application. Cheltenham Borough Council will also be notified of any successful applications, as payment of the project will be made by us using money from the Better Care Fund on completion of the works. Prior to payment of the project we will inspect the completed work and request an invoice for the work and any relevant certificates.

How to apply

To access the capital funding please complete the application form, outlining the details of your funding request, and return it to by email to Neil Penny, health and social care manager at Gloucestershire County Council.

Any queries about the capital funding should also be raised with Neil Penny by calling 07733 300213 or by email to neil.penny@nhs.net.