A step by step guide to making a disabled facilities grant application

  • Contact Gloucestershire social services for an assessment by an Occupational Therapist
  • An assessment is carried out by the Occupational Therapist who will forward a referral for the identified adaptations to Cheltenham Borough Council
  • A grant officer from Cheltenham Borough Council will arrange a home visit to look at the proposed adaptations and complete a means test calculation
  • An offer of grant assistance is made confirming applicant’s contribution towards adaptations
  • Plans and a specification of the proposed adaptations are prepared and sent out to a number of specialist building contractors so that estimates can be obtained
  • The estimates and completed grant paperwork are submitted as a formal grant application
  • The grant approval is issued
  • The successful contractor can start work on site
  • On completion of the work the council will inspect the adaptations and arrange payment for the work

Cheltenham Borough Council strongly recommends that the grant applicant appoints a surveyor to assist with the preparation of plans/specification, obtain estimates and supervise the work when it is on site. For further information on what is expected from a surveyor/agent please read our information sheet on protocol for agents

Please note that grants cannot be paid retrospectively, so work must not start on site until the grant has been approved.

Also note that applicants are advised to seek permission from their mortgage provider and ensure they have adequate household insurance before proceeding with any adaptations to their home.

Gloucestershire councils are working together give residents support and guidance to apply for a disabled facilities grant. Find out further information and a step by step guide.