Black and minority ethnic (BME) communities


Cheltenham’s ethnic minority profile from the 2011 census showed that 89.2% of our population was of white British origin and that 10.8% were from black and other minority ethnic (BME) groups. This has shown a 7.5% increase in our BME community since the 2001 census. This number is likely to keep growing.

Sahara Saheli

One of the main problems for black and other ethnic minority communities living in Cheltenham is that the community is small and dispersed and therefore isolated. It was recognised by a small group of Asian women three years ago that a women’s network was required to overcome this problem and to unite Asian women.

The group named Sahara-Saheli has brought women from different Asian communities together, including Gujerati, Bangladeshi and Pakistani. All the women have come together in spite of language and cultural barriers. Over time Sahara-Saheli has become a multicultural women’s group, which welcomes members from all communities - everyone is welcome!

The group meets once a week at Grove Street Resource Centre, Cheltenham. Within these meetings the women get to know each other through group activities such as sharing stories and recipes.

The women also take part in organised activities based on:

  • health and wellbeing
  • community cohesion
  • learning, education and skills

If you are interested in joining or helping the group then please contact us .

Race and hate crime report line

Hate crimes and incidents are those perceived to be motivated by prejudice or hate due to:

  • gender
  • religion
  • age
  • race
  • disability
  • sexuality

If you have been a victim or witness of hate crime, please report it to Gloucestershire Police on 101 or the Gloucestershire hate crime reporting line on 0800 077 8460.

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