Hate crime

What is hate?

Hate in the context of behaviour and attitude has been defined as; “Acts of violence, hostility and intimidation directed towards people because of their identity or perceived difference” (Chakraborti, Garland and Hardy 2014:6)

This could be an incident or offence that you as the victim (or as a witness) perceive was motivated by hostility or prejudice based on ANY aspect of your identity.

http://gloshate.co.uk/ has information about what to do if you are a victim of or a witness to a hate crime or incident. If you have seen someone experience a hate incident or a hate crime then it’s important to note just how valuable you are. Research and reporting experience show that the victim or victims are unlikely to report it, so a witness can help to be a voice for that victim(s).

Reporting a hate crime

If the hate crime or incident puts you, your family or your property in immediate danger then call 999.

For non emergencies, contact the Police:

Telephone: 101

Email: 101@gloucestershire.police.uk

For advice and guidance, contact Gloucestershire Constabulary's specialist officers at: hatecrime@gloucestershire.police.uk

You can also report a hate crime or incident to Victim Support Gloucestershire or Crimestoppers: http://gloshate.co.uk/report-a-hate-crime-or-an-incident/