Community Pride 2018

In 2018 we have a pot of funding, worth £30,000 to allocate to local good causes and we are now inviting applications for funding to support community pride projects across Cheltenham.

The funding will be made available to support community-owned projects that will build up community pride and enable local groups to be more influential in supporting their communities and improving their neighbourhoods.

Cheltenham Borough Council has recently adopted a place vision for Cheltenham.

We want Cheltenham to be a place:

  • Where all our people and the communities they live in thrive;
  • Where culture and creativity thrives, celebrated and enjoyed throughout the year;
  • Where businesses and their workforces thrive; and
  • Where everyone thrives.

These are the ambitions that we want Cheltenham to be known for.

  • Cheltenham enables business growth by being better connected.
  • Champions physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Internationally renowned for its culture, heritage, food and sport.

This year we want to use our community pride fund to support our place vision and our ambitions for Cheltenham.

Therefore up to £30,000 will be made available via community pride grants to match-fund community-led projects, up to the value of £5,000 to fund the following:

  • Community-led projects that enable local businesses and their workforces to thrive
  • Community-led projects that enable people and communities to thrive and that support physical and mental wellbeing
  • Community-led projects that enable culture and creativity to thrive in Cheltenham

Up to £4,000 will also be made available via community-building grants to community and voluntary sector groups to run small-scale projects, events and activities to help them support the well-being of their neighbourhood up to the value of £300.

Before applying, please read the application guidelines to make sure your project meets our criteria:

If you wish to make an application, please download the application form and save it to your computer. Please return it, keeping it as a word version, via email.


The closing date for applications for both grant funds is Friday 14th September 2018