Cheltenham Community Resilience Fund 2020 / Community Pride

Cheltenham Borough Council normally allocates a pot of funding, worth £30,000, to local good causes to help them deliver community pride projects across Cheltenham.

Given the current circumstances with the Covid-19 pandemic, Cheltenham Borough Council has agreed to pool its community pride fund with funding from Gloucestershire County Council to create a joint fund

Called the Cheltenham Community Resilience Fund, the new fund will support local voluntary sector agencies and community groups who are supporting vulnerable people during the Covid-19 crisis to cover additional costs they may incur due to increased activity or functions that they have insufficient resources to meet.

The application process is far quicker and we aim to make decisions about funding within a few days. In this way we hope to get much needed small grants out to community groups.

Please see the links below for more information:

Cheltenham Community Resilience Fund - application guidelines

Cheltenham Community Resilience Fund - application form

For more information, please email

Funding is available from other sources. View the GRCC Keeping In Touch newsletter for other grants and funding.