The council and its buildings

Pittville pump room

As an organisation, we are already working to reduce our carbon emissions.


Energy audit reports of all the council’s buildings and land have been commissioned to help identify where and how carbon emissions can be reduced and to identify the potential for renewable energy.  This will inform an energy strategy, but some measures have already been delivered, including:

  • LED lighting, which has been installed in various buildings
  • Energy management systems, which have been installed to equipment
  • An air source heat pump has been installed in one of our properties

We are currently working on the installation of a building energy management system, following a successful bid to the the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme, and we are also investigating replacing gas boilers at Pittville Pump Room and in the Municipal Offices with electric ones.

We purchase green electricity from solar, wind and hydro sources.

Waste and recycling

Paper, cardboard, cans and plastic bottles are recycled in our offices and food recycling has also recently been introduced in the Municipal Offices. Single use plastics have also been phased out.

Commuting and business travel

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated our modernisation programme. New technology has been introduced to enable many more members of staff to work from home, reducing commuting and also promoting a better work/life balance. 

New ways of working have also been introduced to enable us to continue to deliver some services remotely without always physically visiting sites.  Initially introduced in response to the pandemic, some of these working practices will be adopted into business-as-usual, reducing business travel.