Vary your registration

Sometimes you will need to vary your personal or premises registration. This may include situations when you are working at an additional premises or simply changing your name.  You will need to either:

Notify us in writing/email

You need to email quoting your registration number and pay the stated fee for: 

  • Changes of personal address - No fee
  • Personal name changes (e.g. marriage) - £16.50*
  • Premises trading name changes - £16.50*
  • Removing an activity from a personal or premises registration - No fee

Complete an application form

You need to complete an application form and return it by email to for:

You will need to make a new premises application if the premises you are moving to is not already registered.

A byelaw compliance inspection may be required for these changes before a certificate is issued. 

Variation fee

Please note all fees are non-refundable.

Pay online

If you cannot use the online payment system, you can pay by cheque made payable to 'Cheltenham Borough Council'.

*Fees apply for the 2019/20 financial year and are subject to change each year.