What happens next

Once you submit your application(s), it will be verified to check it is valid. If valid, you will be contacted to arrange a compliance visit from an environmental health officer to ensure compliance with the adopted byelaws.


You will receive your certificate of registration by email, along with a covering letter which will confirm the details provided on your application form. Premises owners will also be informed and provided with a copy of personal registrations for applications applying under their business. 

Compliance visit

We will aim to visit before practice begins as we have found the majority of practices need some compliance attention. Visits enable us to be familiar with individual practitioners and studios and to offer guidance and advice on best practice. 

Personal registration

We will want to see how the operator carries out the activity they have applied for. This will include seeing the equipment they use. We will also need to see insurance documentation, qualifications and any forms used and aftercare advice. 

Premises registration

We will be checking to ensure the premises complies with the adopted bylaws in order to ensure cleanliness of the premises.  

Further compliance visits can and will be undertaken at any time to check compliance with the byelaws or where a byelaw complaint is made or to investigate any health and safety concerns. 

Hepatitis B immunisation 

If not already done, operators are advised to obtain immunisation against Hepatitis B. A surgery practice nurse or occupational health service should be able to help you. Please be aware there is usually a charge for this service. View the blood-borne viruses leaflet for information.

Know your inks

We recommend all registered premises for tattooing and semi-permanent skin-colouring sign-up for email alerts to be made aware about the latest recalls which include defective inks.

European Commission (EC)

The EC produce a weekly overview of recalled dangerous products (including body-art inks) is reported by the national authorities to one place.

Tattoo Recalls

Tattoo Recalls is a website aimed at bringing recall information from various organisations around the world together in one place. Keeping up to date with the latest recalls protects both the tattooists and the client.