Missed collections

We aim to complete all scheduled waste and recycling collections every day and only report issues if they arise.

On the odd occasion, if there are collection difficulties which mean collections could not be completed on your normal day, the website will be updated at the end of that day.

Where roadworks prevent our vehicles gaining access to your road we will return every day until we can collect your waste and recycling. In some cases we may make arrangements for a different collection point with residents if necessary. You do not need to report this as a missed collection as we will keep trying to collect your waste and recycling until we can gain access.

For more information about recycling please visit our recycling page.

Report a missed collection

If you would like to report a missed collection or other problem with your bins, please use our report it form or telephone customer services on 01242 262626 (lines are open during office hours only).

All missed collections need to be reported within 48 hours.