Customer feedback and complaints

We are committed to providing excellent customer service first time, every time and we welcome feedback, positive or negative.

We recognise individuals and teams who have provided excellent service and we work hard to improve service where it is not as good as it should be.

We realise that sometimes we fall short and where customers are not satisfied then a clear and simple complaints process is in place to put this right.

Before sending us a complaint, please check the following list of common issues:


We log your compliments and send them to the manager of the team or officer you have told us about. Compliments help the council to know where we are doing a good job and what works well for our customers. We will use your feedback to keep doing what we do well, and help us do better in all areas.

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We log your comments and send them to the Head of Service responsible for the service or issue you have told us about. The Head of Service will consider all comments and make improvements where needed to make our services better and easier to access for all our customers.

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Sometimes we make a mistake that can be sorted out quickly and simply. If this is the case you might not need to make a complaint. We will take the details and make sure that we put things right for you.

If we cannot put things right quickly and simply, we will log your complaint in line with our complaints procedure.

Corporate complaints can be made online or by contacting customer relations.

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What will happen to your complaints?

The customer relations team will forward your complaint to the relevant service manager. You will be contacted within ten working days in line with stage one of the complaints procedure. If this is not possible we will let you know why and tell you when you can expect us to respond to your complaint in detail.

We also have information on complaining about the conduct of your councillor.

Useful contacts

Contact customer relations.