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Keeping us informed

How do I tell you about a change?

Please tell us in writing and give your benefits claim number.
You can use this form for major changes, this form for smaller changes or contact us and send the evidence by post.

You will need to tell us the following: 

  • what's changed and the date it changed
  • give us all the details such as new amounts of income, the name and date of birth of someone who's come to live with you and so on
  • we usually need evidence of the change so send us things like a notice of rent increase, or the award letter for a benefit, pension or tax credit
  • don't delay telling us while you wait for five weeks' or two months' payslips - you can send these on later
  • we can check your award of all state benefits, pension credit and tax credits

You may also need to tell the Department of Works and Pensions, the JobCentre, Inland Revenue or the Pension Service about these changes.