If I get pension credit do I have to tell you about any changes?

If you get pension credit, you have to tell us about the following:

  • if you move home, go into hospital or will be away from home for more than a month
  • changes in your rent or tenancy conditions:
    • if your landlord puts your rent up or down and you are not a Cheltenham Borough Homes tenant
    • if the services included in your rent change
    • if the part of the property you live in changes - for example, you move to a different room
    • if your landlord changes
  • changes to do with people who stay or live with you:
    • if anyone comes to stay with you or moves out
    • if anyone who lives with you starts or stops work
    • if there is any change in the income of someone who lives with you
    • if a child leaves school

If you get the savings part of pension credit, you also need to tell us if your savings and investments go over £16,000 or anything changes to do with a child or children you are responsible for.

You will also need to tell the Pension Service about any changes in your circumstances.