The neighbourhood team are uniformed council officers who deal with a wide range of low-level anti-social behaviour and environmental crime issues.

The team use engagement and preventative measures to decrease incidents within the borough, as well as taking formal action against individual(s) where necessary.

Click on the links below for more information on the issues the team cover or to report an issue. You can also contact the team using the details at the bottom of the page or tweet us at @CBCEnviroHealth.

There are currently four neighbourhood officers working in the borough of Cheltenham. The officers are allocated to an area of Cheltenham based on a geographical patch system.

Neighbourhood officers are authorised officers who have the power to ask for personal details and can issue fixed penalty notices on the spot.

Metal detecting on council land

We do not permit metal detecting on publicly owned land except where a metal detecting survey is part of an approved archaeological investigation.

Find out more about metal detecting on council land

Contact us

If you need to report an issue to the team please report online via the above links or contact 01242 262626.

If you need to discuss an existing case please contact 01242 264135 or email [email protected].