S106 planning obligations in Cheltenham

In Cheltenham, planning obligations (usually as Section 106 Agreements) are used for a wide variety of purposes, including:
  • works to provide safe access to a site, to accommodate safely local increases in traffic due to the development, and to discourage the additional traffic from using unsuitable local roads;
  • works within a transport sector to encourage travellers to and from a development to change to a more sustainable means of transport, including park and ride;
  • works, services or incentives to secure improved accessibility to and from a site by all forms of transport, including public transport, cycling and walking;
  • flood defence and mitigation works;
  • an element of affordable or special needs housing;
  • the provision or enhancement of play space which cannot be accommodated on-site;
  • education facilities at nursery, primary and secondary levels; 
  • community facilities;
  • measures to provide for public safety and security;
  • a contribution to skills analysis and training provision;
  • facilities or measures to offset the loss of or impact on any resource, such as woodland or open space, present on a site prior to development;
  • works to adjacent areas of public realm, including tree planting;
  • public art.