What is needed

Information you must submit to us
  • Full name(s) of the owner(s) of the site
    If a plc or Ltd company
    include the registered company and office numbers
  • Proof of ownership or title eg copy of deeds
  • Name and address of your solicitor (if applicable)
You should include this information with your planning application including either:
  • a completed draft agreement
  • draft heads of terms.  

We are unlikely to register an application that clearly requires a legal agreement and is not accompanied by either document mentioned above.  You can find out more about our validation process here.

Legal Fees
There will be legal fees to cover the cost of completing the agreement.  These fees are required prior to the completion of the agreement and should be paid to the legal department.  However, it is important that you supply a written undertaking to cover the full costs from the outset of the process.