Display of illegal advertisements

Where an advertisement has been displayed which requires express consent but this has not been obtained, the advertisement contravenes the legislation guidelines.

Any person who displays an advertisement in contravention of the regulations is liable on summary conviction of an offence under section 224(3) of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.  The maximum fine is currently £2500.  Any person includes the owner of the site, the occupier of the site and any other person who undertakes or maintains the display of the advert.

Where the advertisement causes serious harm to the amenity or in the interests of public safety, a request will be made to secure its removal within a specified period. If the advertisement continues to be displayed after this period, formal proceedings will be considered. In considering any action to secure the removal of any advertisement, due regard will be paid to the advice contained in Planning Policy Guidance Note No. 15 (Planning and the Historic Environment) and Planning Policy Guidance Note 19 (Outdoor Advertisement Control.

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