Advertising for charitable, community or cultural events

Cheltenham Borough Council is proud of the diverse range of charitable, cultural and community events that take place within the borough, and of the immense voluntary commitment made by so many of our residents.

Wherever possible we are committed to supporting charitable, cultural and community events, and this advice is aimed at helping with the advertising of such events. Adverts on public highways, be they on lamp columns, traffic signs or signals, trees or pedestrian barriers and railings, can pose a danger to both pedestrians and motorists, and can make an area look untidy and create an eyesore. However, in line with our commitment to support charitable, cultural and community events, we will not generally take any action to remove such adverts or to prosecute the organisers providing you follow the protocol set out below.

The protocol equally applies to the display of banners and posters on private land - walls, fences etc. The organisers are to confirm that they have the permission of the owner when contacting us. The display of banners or other advertising on listed buildings is completely unacceptable.

All we ask is that organisers contact our planning enforcement and compliance section not less than 21 days prior to the requested proposed display date to agree the format and position of any banners or posters. Please email details to [email protected]. Agreed posters must be endorsed with the council’s stamp.


When installing any agreed advertising, you should observe the following conditions:

  1. Posters should only be affixed to lamp columns, and not to traffic signs, traffic signals, or trees
  2. Banners must be no greater than 3 metres in length and 0.75 metres in height
  3. The method of affixing the advert must not damage the lamp column or barrier/railings in any way
  4. Adverts should not be affixed earlier than fourteen days before the event, or for a longer period as may be agreed, and should be removed within 24 hours after the event
  5. All fixings including cable ties, must be removed when the advert is removed
  6. Thought should be given to the size, design and number of adverts. Banners shall be of a professional standard. Proofs of banners and posters are required when submitting requests. Damaged or worn banners will be removed
  7. The adverts should state the name and number of the charity that is benefiting from the event
  8. Organisations shall have public liability insurance
  9. No more than four banners within the borough will be permitted for any one event
  10. All poster adverts, not exceeding 20 in total, will need to be officially stamped by planning enforcement prior to their lamination, if applicable, and their display

Please note that Cheltenham Borough Council may remove any banners/adverts that do no observe these conditions, or pose a danger, become unsafe, are offensive, or too numerous, and the cost of so doing will be recovered from the organisation.

Advertising for commercial purposes is not allowed.  Advertising banners and posters will routinely be removed where they relate to any business or trade.  Those displaying such advertising will be liable to prosecution.