Aerial view of Cheltenham's Imperial Gardens and surrounding streets

Cheltenham is a world renowned cultural destination and rated one of the best places to live in the UK. Building on our successes, our investments into the Golden Valley Development - a pioneering scheme which will include a national cyber innovation centre - aim to cement our position as the cyber capital of the UK and extend Cheltenham’s presence in the global economy as the safest place to do business online. As well as providing high-quality and affordable homes and spaces for business and academia, this development will also play a key role in reducing carbon and encouraging biodiversity.

But the scale of our unique ambition is set against a backdrop of global instability, war, high inflation and the recent pandemic. All of these factors mean that our communities are facing real adversity, where being able to feed a family and keep them warm are a real and increasing challenge. As a council we continue to work now and in the months and years ahead alongside our partners such as #FeedCheltenham and Cheltenham Borough Homes to deliver practical support to our residents, businesses and communities.

As we look beyond the difficult financial and economic pressures that we face, we are clear in our future ambition for Cheltenham. We're setting a higher standard for ourselves, and our town, to build a better future for everyone in Cheltenham, ensuring that everyone who lives and works here can equally share the benefits of Cheltenham’s successes.

In this increasingly digital world, our residents are looking for efficient access to council services. We're designing and embedding innovative accessible digital solutions across all our departments, to make doing business with the council easier and quicker. But alongside our digital services, we will make sure that anyone without a smartphone or access to technology can still find excellent customer service so we support everyone in our borough, regardless of need.

Overall, we believe that building a better future means leaving a legacy of sustainability for future generations. This is the foundation of our ambitions to reduce Cheltenham’s carbon emissions to net zero, but also encompasses building affordable carbon neutral homes across Cheltenham, conserving and enhancing our green spaces, and securing financial and economic sustainability through the Golden Valley Development. We want our residents and communities to thrive, not just survive, and this means continuing investments in partnerships and services that will augment the long-term financial stability of Cheltenham.

We know that we cannot achieve this vision alone. Combining the strength and resilience of our local partners, residents and businesses, we can forge this bright future for our borough.

From Cllr Rowena Hay (Leader of the Council) and Gareth Edmundson (Chief Executive)

Our values at Cheltenham Borough Council