Key priority 1 - Cyber Cheltenham

Artist impression of the Golden Valley Development site, feautring GCHQ building in the background

Enhancing Cheltenham's reputation as the cyber capital of the UK

We will enhance Cheltenham’s reputation as the cyber capital of the UK through the Golden Valley Development - the home of National Cyber Innovation Centre - which will create jobs, drive business growth and provide more new homes. The Golden Valley Development has a key role in the UK’s mission to make the UK the safest place to live and do online business, as set out in the government’s National Cyber Strategy 2022.

The development will create a vibrant pioneering garden community integrating hi-tech business, residential and leisure uses. At its heart will be the National Cyber Innovation Centre: an Innovation District and the UK home of cyber, digital and creative sectors arising from Cheltenham’s growing international reputation for leadership in cyber innovation.

With a significant development site next to GCHQ, in a highly accessible location with great connectivity, the opportunity exists to create a destination of global significance.

It will require high standards of environmental sustainability, integrating exemplar homes as part of a thriving and inclusive campus and garden community, defined by its quality in design, public spaces and approach to connectivity, both digitally and physically.

"It's great to see the plans for the new West Cheltenham Golden Valley Development. It's such an exciting prospect, not only in benefit of the cyber industry; nurturing and attracting talent in Gloucestershire, but with the high street in mind too. Building new homes and encouraging more people to spend locally can only support retail and our local economy. The development will undoubtedly attract more people into the centre of Cheltenham and we can't wait to welcome them."

Jonathan Hall, John Lewis & Partners


  • Work with partners to attract cyber and associated businesses to Cheltenham and build upon our natural strength in this area
  • Ensure the funding, delivery plan and developer are in place to progress and build the development
  • Ensure the development is defined by its exemplar environmental credentials

green urban space with people working and playing, surrounded by modern housing and treesWhat will we do to secure Cheltenham's economic future?

  • Build the UK’s National Cyber Innovation Centre as part of the first phase of the innovation district which will support our wider regeneration aspirations for West Cheltenham
  • Through the Golden Valley development, we will increase the supply of new homes by 3,700
  • Work with the developers to ensure an ambitious social value plan is developed and delivered that will ensure our local communities benefit from the investment in the town
  • Continue to expand the local cyber eco-system through the Minster Exchange in the town centre and regenerate the Minster Quarter
  • Work with schools, colleges and universities to support the cyber-tech skills of young people
  • Through Cheltenham Festivals support the DataFace project to help train the next generation of the workforce in the cyber and tech industries
  • Working with the National Cyber Security Centre, Configured Things and Plexal, in testing the use of a small network of smart sensors on council owned buildings to provide non-personal data to support improved service delivery and customer experience
  • In partnership with Lives of Colour, we will identify ways to develop community connections, community resources and infrastructure to help those moving to Cheltenham to live and work, feel immersed and integrated in the town

“The Golden Valley Development and the Minster Exchange, both of which GFirst LEP has strongly supported, will together make a huge contribution to the future prosperity of Cheltenham and help to ensure that future growth is both inclusive and sustainable. They will also contribute hugely towards making Gloucestershire a ‘magnet’ county for individuals, families and businesses and help to position the county as an exceptional place to live and work in the constantly changing, digitally integrated world we now live in.”

David Owen, CEO, GFirstLEP

How Cheltenham residents, communities and businesses will benefit

Benefits of the Golden Valley development for Cheltenham residents, communities and businesses
Resident benefits Community benefits Business benefits
Job opportunities Regeneration opportunities Opportunities for the local supply chain
More affordable homes Social value Increased footfall for the high street
Skills and training opportunities   Increased secondary spend to Cheltenham's businesses,for example through leisure, culture and hospitality

How the UK will benefit

The Golden Valley development, which has ministerial support, will deliver the National Cyber Innovation Centre, a key part of the UK’s Cyber Strategy, supporting our mission to be the safest place in the UK to live and do online business. The development will help foster the growth of a sustainable and internationally important innovation district, focused around cyber-tech, developing pioneering products and services, driving forward the economy and the UK’s goal to be a science superpower.

“We will increase our support for innovators and entrepreneurs outside of London and the South East. This includes the Golden Valley campus led by Cheltenham Borough Council dedicated to supporting the growth of cyber-related technology businesses.”

HM Government

How success will be measured

  • Number of jobs
  • Number of new businesses started
  • Number of businesses locating to Cheltenham
  • Carbon footprint
  • Number of new and affordable homes built
  • Level of social value secured to support neighbouring areas of Cheltenham, such as Hester's Way
  • Increased footfall in the high street

Where to find out more

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