Key priority 3 - Affordable homes

Terrace of affordable homes in honey coloured brick and cream coloured render

Increasing the number of affordable homes through our £180m housing investment plan

Working with Cheltenham Borough Homes and other providers, we will continue to increase the number of affordable, carbon neutral homes through our £180m housing investment plan, which will help create more sustainable communities and reduce homelessness.

With this investment we will look to maximise opportunities for wider regeneration and how we can further support the local supply chain. We will focus on sustainable, green investment in both new and existing homes, ensuring we can continue to support tenants and communities and contribute to the wider regeneration of Cheltenham.

We will also make best use of government homelessness and rough sleeper grant funding opportunities to help prevent homelessness and tackle rough sleeping.

“They helped me out of a very tricky situation following a divorce six years ago, they have given me a home and let me live as if it is my own. They have always been quick to respond if I have had an issue. I am very satisfied.”

Council tenant


  • Increase the number of new affordable carbon neutral homes
  • Adopt a ‘fabric-first’ approach to improve energy efficiency of existing council homes
  • Support and enable resilient communities through shared community investment plans with Cheltenham Borough Homes
  • Prevent homelessness and rough sleeping

What we will do to increase the number of affordable homes, increase town centre living and reduce rough sleeping

  • Cheltenham Borough homes officers and Cheltenham Borough Council members standing socially distanced outside new homes at Ingleborough MewsIncrease the supply of affordable homes through our £180m housing investment plan where we have already spent £35m delivering 136 homes, with a pipeline set to deliver 450 additional affordable homes over the current and following four years
  • Invest in safe, secure and energy-efficient homes, building on the successful investment of £22m in home improvements over the last three years. This investment will continue in 2022-23 with over £10m allocated each year for the next three years for further home and neighbourhood improvements
  • Continue to take a ‘fabric-first’ approach with improvements to existing homes, ensuring they are as energy efficient as possible by improving the insulation before low-carbon heating is installed
  • Continue to strengthen our partnership with Cheltenham Borough Homes through a number of improvement initiatives, to ensure we maximise value for money and improve tenant, resident and community outcomes
  • Commission services to reduce homelessness and strengthen pathways so that rough sleeping becomes brief, rare and non-recurring
  • Enable development and regeneration opportunities to support more town centre living

How Cheltenham residents, communities and businesses will benefit

Benefits of our housing investment plan for residents, communities and businesses
Resident benefits Community benefits Business benefits
Energy efficient homes Regeneration of housing estates Work in partnership on apprenticeship opportunities
High quality landlord services   Upskill through training
Reduction of the housing waiting list and homelessness   Maximise opportunities for the local supply chain to recycle the 'Cheltenham pound'
Reduction in rough sleeping   Increase footfall to the high street through more town centre living

How success will be measured

  • Number of carbon neutral homes built
  • Tenant and leaseholder satisfaction
  • Reduction in the number of people homeless and rough sleeping
  • Level of social value achieved
  • Percentage of council homes meeting decent home standards
  • Number of homelessness and rough sleepers preventions

Where to find out more

Find out more about housing development on the Cheltenham Borough Homes website.

“Daunting as first house on my own but everything’s lovely and the houses are great”

New council tenant