EIR request of land charges register

Request to view land charges register under EIR

Personal search companies on behalf of their clients can request to view the data from the Local Land Charges Register under the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 free of charge.

We return personal search (raw and unrefined data) results by email.

The information is an automated extract from the Land Charges Register based on the location plan provided. The information is raw data and has not been validated. It is your responsibility to check the registrations and decide if they are relevant or not. It is not covered by Cheltenham Borough Council Insurance.

This is not an official Cheltenham Borough Council search document.

Please submit requests to landchargeseir@cheltenham.gov.uk with the correct postal address and an up-to-date extract Ordnance Survey plan outlining the area to be searched and responses will be emailed back in an automated format.

Or use our property search service

We also offer a property search service. This is a service which collates, verifies and supplies the data in the Land Charges Register which is covered by our insurance.  

An official search made by us has a statutory provision for compensation if we make any error on the search. This provision doesn’t apply when a search of the Local Land Charges Register is carried out by others.

Requests for this service should be sent to: con29@cheltenham.gov.uk with a completed LLC1 form (Cheltenham Borough Council full search form) and an Ordnance Survey plan outlining the area to be searched.  The results will be returned by email.

The cost of this service is £25 which can be paid online.  Please enter the amount, reference, account or invoice number and first line of address.