Changes to your information

The law says you must tell the benefit service if there are any changes to the information we have used to work out your housing and council tax benefit.

You must write to us about these changes:

  • someone leaves or moves into your home
  • you start work or cease working
  • your household income increases or decreases. These will be changes in your wages, tax credits, child maintenance payments.
  • your savings change.

You must tell us:

  • straightaway - as soon as the change happens
  • from the moment you've filled in your claim form, even if you're still waiting to hear from us
  • even if you've told someone else like Jobcentre Plus, the Pension Service or your landlord

If you delay telling us:

  • we may have paid you too much benefit and you'll have to pay it back
  • we may have underpaid you but can't pay you the arrears because you told us late
  • you could face criminal charges

Notify us of any changes

For all changes please use this form.

As Cheltenham is now a FULL service area for Universal Credit, there will be some changes which mean you need to claim Universal Credit and other benefits will cease. You need to contact us for advice to ensure you are claiming the correct benefits