Honeybourne Line scheme

The Honeybourne Line is a disused railway line that’s been converted into a 2km shared footpath from the Cheltenham Spa Railway Station to the Pittville Park. It’s a very important green corridor for wildlife and members of the public.

The Honeybourne Line access improvements off St Pauls Road are intended to be a landmark feature in the public realm. The current configuration is poorly laid out for users, low key and does little to draw people’s attention to the Honeybourne Line. The new entrance feature will draw people onto the line and may include new signs that contain information about the line itself; where it goes, history and/or about flora and fauna. The end result will add value in terms of its contribution to the street scene, environment, and the community benefit gained in terms of bringing more people onto the Honeybourne Line.

The management and maintenance regime of the vegetation and habitats are being reviewed along the line. This has identified areas where habitats can be improved and expended with native wildflowers, bulbs, hedging plants and trees.

Project update

Biodiversity improvements have taken place on the line with pockets and swathes of native meadows and bulbs. Trees and hedges have been planted at the Malvern Road and St Pauls Road entrances in 2020. Go out, explore nature and identify what we've sown!