Burrow's improvements FAQs

When will the phase two work start?

Phase two work to level the pitch area at the south end of the site are expected to commence on Monday 16 May and last for eight weeks. Carrick Sports are carrying out the work.

What restrictions will be in place at the park during the works?

The area to the south of the fields will not be available to the public to use during the works.  The area will be fenced off whilst the works are carried out and afterwards whilst the new grass grows.

During the works, will it be possible to create a gap in the security fencing between the pavilion and pitch works to allow pedestrians to walk a full circuit of the park?

After consultation with both of the contractors on site, we felt that the health and safety risk of opening this very narrow area for access is too great. However as soon as it is possible to do so safely, the fencing will be repositioned.

How will construction traffic be managed?

There will of course be construction traffic during the works. We have successfully managed similar projects in the past and there will be a project manager to oversee all of the work. The workers will be required to follow strict health and safety guidelines at all times.

The contractors will have a secure compound where the equipment and vehicles will be stored during the works. This will include all workers’ vehicles. Construction traffic will be carefully managed to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum. The existing car park will not be used by construction traffic. Contractors’ vehicles and deliveries will be restricted to ensure there is no disruption to Broadlands drop off and pick up times.

Why is this work necessary?

The pitches are in need of improvement, including levelling, drainage and reseeding. Pitches often flood over the winter months, making them unusable.

The pavilion refurbishment has been completed and now meets the current sporting requirements for changing facilities.

Cheltenham Borough Council is working in partnership with Leckhampton Rovers Football Club (LRFC) to provide high quality pitches and a pavilion that meets the needs of current and future users.

What will Burrow's Field look like when the works are finished?

The only change to the look of Burrow's will be that the playing fields will be level.

Are you planning to remove or cut back the tree by the play area?

This tree will not be affected by the works.

Why are LRFC involved

LRFC have been the main users of the pitches for many years and are looking for a permanent home. We have granted LRFC a lease on the pavilion and a license to manage the pitches for 21 years. We have carried out a review of LRFC and believe they will make an excellent community partner.

How are the proposed improvements being funded?

Funding has been secured from a number of different sources including:

  • The FA and Government via the Football Foundation
  • The Leckhampton and Warden Hill Parish Council
  • LRFC contribution
  • Community Infrastructure Levy from a local housing development
  • Growing our Communities fund
  • Private donations
  • Enovert Community Trust

I’m worried that this will lead to additional traffic. What will be done about this?

LRFC will work with team members on a strategy to ensure that parking is better managed on match days. LRFC are also encouraging walking, cycling and car sharing to Burrow's Field whenever possible and bike racks will be installed on site to support this.

The footpath surrounding Burrow's has been completed as part of this project.

We would like to assure local residents that this work enhances the quality of the current playing fields and does not include any expansion of the overall site.

Why isn’t the car park being extended?

The site is not being expanded, but improvements will enable extended use of the pitches. The focus of the project is to improve the current pitches and pavilion only.

Will I be able to continue to use the car park at Burrow's Field?

Yes, it will be open as normal.

I’ve heard that the plans include new floodlighting for Burrow's

Floodlights will not be part of any of the proposals. 

I’ve heard that the plans include a plastic playing surface

The pitches will remain as grass.

Will I still be able to walk my dog or exercise there?

Yes, the local community will have continued access to the open space throughout and after the improvement works. This is why it is being completed in two stages.  However, there will be partial restrictions whilst the works are carried out on the fields.

Will the pump track be affected?

No, the pump track will remain open throughout and distanced from the areas of work.

Will the site be safe for children to visit to use the pump track and play area?

Yes, all works will be carried out following strict health and safety guidelines.

My child goes to Broadlands, will they be affected?

Broadlands are fully aware of the plans and are very supportive. Access to Broadlands will not be affected. There will be occasional noise as the pavilion work is completed.

Will the “pop-up” cafe still be available?

The cafe is in an experimental stage.  If the owner and Cheltenham Borough Council agree to continue the arrangement then it will remain open as normal.

Why isn’t there fencing around the balancing pond alongside the pitches near Merlin Way?

The balancing pond has been purposefully designed with shallow sides making it impossible for anyone to fall into deep water. The pond has also been designed so that marginal plants can grow at its edges. We’re looking at introducing some plants to improve biodiversity and to stop people getting to the water. There may be times in the summer when the pond is completely dry and we also need to ensure that access to the pond outlet is kept clear of obstructions.


An ecology survey was completed at the end of October and report is available to view within the planning application.

Further questions

If you have any further questions, please contact us by email at [email protected].