Pre-application animal licensing advice

We offer a paid pre-application advice service for certain types of licensable activities:

Levels of pre-application advice

Option A - Preliminary application and document check with consultation and report - £87.46 per hour 

We will do a pre-submission validation check to ensure there are no errors or omissions (including required documentation) that may result in an application being rejected as invalid. We will then submit your application to the relevant consultees and responsible authorities for their pre-application comments (if applicable) and provide you with a report on our checks.

Option B - Site visit by an environmental health officer - £87.46 per hour

We will visit the premises before you apply, to determine if the premises is suitable and offer technical advice and assistance on legal compliance and recommendations for best practice.  The fee includes a brief hand written summary report.

Option C - Preliminary application and document check with consultation, site visit and report - £87.46 per hour (approximately 2.5 hours)

Combination of option A and option B.

Option D - Document toolkit - £ - For home boarding applicants

Currently unavailable - awaiting update for Defra guidance.

Certain documentation and/or policies are legally required under the licence or registration conditions.  These packs help compliance by outlining what is required, and provide template documents and/or suggested policies for you to personalise for the specific proposed activity. 

Option E - Bespoke advice - £25

A pre-booked 15 minute appointment where you can discuss your business proposal, application or any other queries on the phone or in person, and offer you technical guidance and advice. This can include tips on how to avoid common mistakes and will help you ensure you are on the right path.

Request the service

Complete the application form and send it to [email protected]. You will then need to pay the required fee.

Pay online

If you cannot use the online payment system, you can call 01242 264300 and pay over the phone, quoting payment code 'GE' or by cheque made payable to 'Cheltenham Borough Council'.