Licence for arranging accomodation for other people's dogs

You need a licence if you are a franchise operator or arrange for the provision of accommodation for other people's dogs. A licence is required in each local authority area where the provision is made.

This applies to those arranging for the provision of accommodation for other people's cats and dogs, for example, businesses which connect pet owners with people willing to look after their animals for no fee (just minor expenses). The accommodation provided in these circumstances must meet the licence conditions, and it is the responsibility of the business to ensure that this is the case. As the licensing authority, we need to be satisfied that the conditions are met in all of the accommodation provided. The business must provide (and keep updated) a list of their associated premises. This applies to arranging for dog boarding in kennels, cat boarding, home boarding or dog day care.

How does the licence work? 

Those who accomodate the dogs will be classed as 'hosts' for the arranger and may operate under the arrangers licence in certain circumstances. Each host will require a copy of the arrangers licence which must be displayed at each host premises. 

When hosts would be included

  • If they have an income from their boarding of less than £1000 which, can be demonstrated by the arranger to the council.
  • Where the council decides the 'host' is not operating as a business.

When hosts would not be included

  • Where hosts are deemed as 'businesses' and operate under a franchise model. Each establishment will then receive its own licence and star rating.

How will the star rating work? 

The rating takes into consideration the arrangers head office, the arranger and all the hosts operating under the licence.  The lowest star rating identified will be the star rating of all operators under the licence in our area. This means it will be possible for different Gloucestershire areas to have different star ratings for the same franchise arranger as they will have separate licences with each operator.

Home boarders operating under an arranger but with their own licence will have their own star rating. This will not affect or be affected by the arranger's star rating.

When are head offices visited?

If the head office is based in Gloucestershire, we will take account of the head office report and star rating issued by our neighbouring Gloucestershire authorities and will not need to visit the arranger's premises.

If the head office is outside Gloucestershire, we will visit where at the initial application stage either: no 'Full Inspection Report' has been provided; or no such report is pending within 5 weeks from the application date.

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