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Girl running through wildflwoer urban meadow in Pittville Park

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Our green space development department has secured match funding from the European Union's European Regional Development Fund to deliver four schemes across the town. This has been achieved by partnering with Gloucester City Council’s urban greening project and other partners to improve/create around 250 hectares of habitat across a number of sites in Gloucestershire including:

  • Cheltenham Borough
  • Gloucester City
  • University of Gloucestershire Oxstalls Campus
  • Tewkesbury Borough

The total spend across all partners is just over £1.4m, match funded from a number of partners including Gloucester City Council, University of Gloucestershire, Tewkesbury Borough Council, Cheltenham Borough Council, Gloucestershire County Council, Environment Agency, Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust and the European Regional Development Fund.    

The proposed works are a combination of measures including:

  • Changes to maintenance regimes
  • Wildlife Meadow Creation
  • Creation of wildlife corridors
  • Woodland Planting
  • Orchard creation
  • Planting of native hedgerow
  • River Restoration
  • Construction of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems - swales, reed beds, ponds, scrapes
  • Sustainable planting

The works will bring about a number of environmental benefits including:

  • Habitat creation
  • Increased Biodiversity
  • Reduced Flood Risk
  • Improvements to water quality
  • Increasing target species
  • Engaging communities with the outdoors
  • Improving urban air quality
  • An improved, interconnected network of habitats
  • Enhancing sites as valuable public green space with enhanced biodiversity
  • Increasing amenity value of sites and ultimately well-being

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