Free and confidential advice

Cheltenham residents will be stunned to learn that over £15billion could be going unclaimed in welfare benefits across the UK every year. That sort of money would make a real difference to people who badly need a helping hand.

“Whether you are a pensioner, a person with disabilities, you’re unemployed or working but on a very low income, you could be missing out."

Our benefit and money advice officer is here to give free and confidential advice on all welfare benefits and day-to-day money management.

Our officer Sharon Hammett is based in the housing options team and she can:

  • give help and advice to Cheltenham residents, whether you are renting or own your home. If you are struggling to afford your rent or mortgage you could be putting your home at risk
  • suggest simple budgeting tips, energy advice and can carry out a benefit check-up

If you are a Cheltenham Borough Homes tenant, you can directly contact their benefit and money advice team for assistance.

Renting a home

We can help to resolve affordability concerns, enabling you to remain in your property if at all possible.

If you are looking to rent privately and would like to know how much help you could receive towards your rent and council tax before you sign a tenancy, we can work with you to carry out an affordability assessment.

Benefits advice

The government has made many changes to the welfare benefit system and making claims can be very complicated. Our officer has extensive and up to date knowledge and can help with:

  • claiming all the benefits you may be entitled to
  • help with some DWP or HM Revenues and Customs reconsideration and appeals
  • support to backdate a claim for benefits, if you have good cause
  • "better off calculations" - if you are moving into work, changing your hours or about to take maternity leave
  • understanding the many benefit changes, such as Universal Credit

Benefits calculator

You can use an independent benefit calculator to give you an estimate. There is an option to send this directly to Sharon if you need further assistance or advice.

Get in touch

Please note that our drop-in service is suspended until further notice due to Covid-19.

If you need to get in touch, please contact us by phone or email.

You can also contact us to arrange a home visit.