Director of community and economic development

Tracey Birkinshaw - Director of planning place and growth

Tracey Birkinshaw is the council’s director of community and economic development. She is responsible delivering on the council’s overarching vision and aspirations of making Cheltenham the destination to visit, meet and invest. By working collaboratively with key stakeholders, Tracey’s role supports Cheltenham’s place shaping agenda, delivering physical transformation, leading inward investment and creating conditions for jobs and growth contributing to the broader prosperity of the region.

Tracey's responsibilities

Tracey is responsible for the following services.

  • Leading the planning service including development management, conservation and trees, statutory development plan making, neighbourhood planning  and compliance
  • Providing strategic leadership to develop and drive forward economic development and inward investment in the context of sustainable and inclusive growth
  • Growing Cheltenham as a key visitor destination, with increased visitor numbers year on year through a robust destination management organisation Marketing Cheltenham
  • Providing strategic leadership and direction to ensure the delivery of community development outcomes for Cheltenham are achieved
  • Strategic lead for culture, sport, leisure and events to ensure delivery of development outcomes for Cheltenham
  • Working with director of major developments and regeneration, providing professional place making advice, guidance and support to key strategic projects

Contact details

Tracey can be contacted by emailing [email protected].