Director of climate change and place services

Mike Redman

Mike Redman is the director of climate change and place services. His professional qualification is in environmental health, but he has had more than 10 job roles during more than 32 years working for Cheltenham Borough Council. This has included overseeing private sector housing services, enforcement, regeneration initiatives, energy efficiency, pest control, property, planning, trees, heritage and conservation, building control, public protection, air quality, noise, neighbourhood management and nuisance complaints, licensing, bereavement services, car parking, pandemic response and more recently, our local response to the climate emergency.

Mike's responsibilities

Mike is responsible for the following services.

  • Climate emergency response
  • Business continuity
  • Waste and cleansing client role
  • Parks, gardens and green space management
  • Townscape issues/projects
  • Flood risk mitigation

Contact details

Mike can be contacted by emailing You can also find Mike on LinkedIn and Twitter.