The application process

Please complete our event submission form which will be taken as your initial expression of interest and will give us an overview of your proposed event. We will use this form to make an assessment of the scale of the event being proposed.

Event submission form

Typically events where less than 500 people are expected to attend will be considered Category A events.

Typically events where 500 people or more are expected to attend are considered large scale public events (Category B) which will be referred to the Event Consultative Group (ECG), though smaller events may require the involvement of the ECG depending on the type of event.

If you are not referred to the ECG then the event application will be passed on to the appropriate department.

If ECG is required then you will be contacted with a date to present your event plan and details to the group. At this meeting you may be asked about your experience and competence in managing events.

If the event is likely to require significant input from other agencies, officers may approach other agencies with a view to setting up a Safety Advisory Group (SAG). This group will be made up of officers from the council as well as representatives from other agencies such as the police, fire service and county council highways depending on the event.

For hire of parks

You will be asked to provide documentation of public liability insurance to £5 million, risk assessments relating to the activities at the event and a site plan.

A land use agreement (LUA) will be put in place for the event including any special conditions that may apply. Terms and conditions of hire will be included.

There is a pricing structure for hire of parks. The fee charged depends on whether the event is commercial, community or charity.

Once all the relevant documents and payment is received, you will be issued with an event approval certificate which should be displayed during your event.

Further information about organising an event on Cheltenham Borough Council land

  • It is your responsibility to liaise with the police, fire and other organisations to make them aware and to ensure the success of your event
  • No event may take place on council land without the prior completion of a formal land use agreement
  • Proof of permission to use the site may be requested by any officer of the council and must be produced on demand 
  • It is your responsibility to obtain any necessary licences and certificates and provide the head of green space development with copies of such licences at least 14 days prior to occupation of the land

Please read our special events privacy statement to understand how the information from your application is used.