Informal gatherings on council land

Informal gatherings of people for recreational use of the park (such as picnics, games of rounders etc.) do not need to go through the council’s formal event process.

Small gazebos for shade are acceptable but no tents, marquees or fixings in the ground, no bouncy castles or hired entertainers, and no barbeques.

Please be respectful of other park users and if possible please use areas of the park that are not heavily used by other members of the public and are not close to residential properties.

No sale of alcohol or other products, and no loud or amplified music.

Please pick up any litter/debris associated with your gathering and leave the site as you found it.

We expect you to do what you are asked if a member of our staff requests it.

If you do wish to include any of the activites mentioned above, then please read through the process for organising an event in a public park in Cheltenham, which includes a link to the application form.