Special event guidance notes

Bangra dancers dressed in blue and white at the Midsummer Fiesta


To allow us enough time to properly consider your application, we require applications to be submitted at least three months prior to your event.  Many event organisers have told us that six months is a more realistic time frame to obtain all the licences required for their full event.  For our part, we will do our best to approve your event application as soon as we are able which is why we ask for as many details as you can provide us with from the outset.

If your event does not exceed an expected audience target of 499 people and there is no amplified/ live music then it is likely that the application will be processed more quickly than the recommended 3 months. For example a children's party or small community event in the park.


Electricity supplies, where required, must be installed by a qualified electrician. Under no circumstances must you or any unqualified person associated with your event attempt to make a connection to any electricity supply equipment.   If electricity is required please contact us to check its availability.  Electricity used is not included in the hire charge and a separate invoice for its use will be raised after your event.

Licensing objections

It may be that relevant objections are raised on one or more of your licensing applications, in which case your applications may have to be referred to Cheltenham Borough Council's licensing committee.  Please allow at least three months for applications to ensure that the licensing section has sufficient time to deal with your applications.

Public toilets

These are available at most sites but it is often necessary to bring in extra cubicles for larger scale events. Below is a guide to the minimum requirements as required by the health and safety executive:

Female toilets

1 cubicle for each hundred females. So 1 cubicle for 100, 2 cubicles for 200 and so on.

Male toilets

  • 1 cubicle for 100 or fewer males
  • 2 cubicles for 101 - 500 males
  • 3 cubicles for 501 - 1000 males +1 additional cubicle for every additional 500 males and 1.5 metres of urinal accommodation per 500 males

Cubicles should contain a hand-wash basin which should be provided with anti-bacterial soap or antiseptic hand-wipes where hot water is not provided.  If paper hand towels are supplied, arrangements for their regular disposal and replacement should be made.

Alcohol and entertainment

Most of the parks in Cheltenham already have a licence that may permit the use of the park for the sale of alcohol, regulated entertainment and late night refreshment.

If you would like to take advantage of this licence, you will have to obtain the required permission to use the licence. To do this, or if you have further queries, please contact the licensing department.

If you require additional permission (for example if the current licence does not permit the type of activity you wish to have or the licence hours are not long enough for your event) you will need to submit a Temporary Events Notice (TEN).

The licensing section must have at least 5 clear working days notice of a TEN and the licensable area is limited to 499 people.

You should be aware that certain parts of Cheltenham town centre are Alcohol Free Zones and it will be an offence to consume alcohol in those areas when asked not to do so by a police officer. 

If your event includes live or amplified music, you will need to contact the Performing Rights Society (PRS) on 0800 0684828. They will advise you if any charge will apply. Noise levels must comply with the Noise Council’s code of practice in consultation with the council’s public protection team. Please view the council's noise conditions.

Raffles and lotteries

If you intend to hold a raffle or lottery during your event, you will only need consent from the council if the sale of tickets and the draw does not take place on the same day at the event.

If tickets have been sold in advance of the day, you will need to apply to the council for registration.

Find out more about lotteries and how to register.

Markets or trading stalls

Most parks in Cheltenham will fall within the remit of street trading legislation.  If you are proposing to sell or offer anything for sale during your event, you will require street trading consent from the council.

Objects on the highway

Parks fall within the definition of a public highway and, as a result, you will need to obtain consent to place any object in a park or on the highway.  The only exemption is if the object forms part of street trading consent in which case you do not need to obtain separate permission for the object.

Find out more about objects on the highway and how to make an application.

Charitable collections

If you want to collect money for a charity during your event in the park, you must have a street collection permit.  Permits are free and relatively easy to apply for provided the requested date is available.

Display of advertising

If you plan to put up posters or banners on the public highway please read the information from our planning department about consent for displaying advertisements.

Release of sky lanterns and balloons

We have a duty of care to ensure the safety of visitors and the local community. In the interest of safety and protecting the surrounding environment we do not permit the launching of balloons, ‘sky lanterns’, or items of a similar nature, from council owned land and premises.

Your application

As soon as we are able we will confirm the approval of your event and ask you to sign a formal land use agreement.  Please ensure that you read this document and agree to the terms and conditions specified before returning it to us.

If your event is taking place in less than three months, please contact us prior to submitting your application. It may still be possible to approve your event although this may take considerably more time and effort from your event planning team.

Legal administration fee

For all bespoke Land Use Agreements (LUAs) for large scale special events a £150 legal administration charge will be added to the overall cost of hiring the land.