Club gaming permit

The club gaming permit allows the following activities in members' clubs, commercial clubs and miners' welfare institutes:

1.  Gaming machines (also known as fruit machines or amusements with prizes machines):

  • limited to three B3a, B4, C or D gaming machines

2.  Equal chance gaming, which is:

  • games that do not involve playing or staking against a bank
  • games that are equally favourable to all participants.

Permits last for 10 years and an annual fee is payable.

How do I apply?

Before you apply, please read the following advice from the Gambling Commission:

Provide us with:

You will need to send a copy to the following:

The Gambling Commission
The Victoria Square House
Victoria House
B2 4BP
Telephone: 0121 230 6666
Fax: 0121 233 1096

Gloucestershire Constabulary
County Police Headquarters
No. 1 Waterwells
Waterwells Drive
Telephone: 01452 754482

Machines that are permitted

B3a, B4, C & D