Replacement vehicle procedure

Notes applicable to all replacement vehicles: In addition to the requirements listed below, all replacement vehicles must be under 5 years of age and each passenger seat must be fitted with a seat belt and headrest.

Private hire vehicle replacement

The vehicle will be issued with its own PHV number and will be licensed for one year. This allows the hire company to use the vehicle for a number of customers who may require it throughout the year. All new/replacement private hire vehicles must be any colour other than silver.

Hackney carriage vehicle replacement

All hackney carriages must be fitted with a meter calibrated to Cheltenham Borough Council’s approved fares and an approved top light. If the vehicle is not already fitted with an in-built top light you can arrange to rent one temporarily from the council for a fee.

Replacement hackney carriages can be licensed either temporarily or for a full 12 months, with different requirements applying to each.

Temporary replacements: The vehicle will be issued with a temporary plate number which will be the same as the plate number of the vehicle being replaced - but please note that temporary replacement vehicles can only be licensed for a maximum of 2 months. If the vehicle being replaced is wheelchair accessible, then the temporary replacement vehicle must likewise be wheelchair accessible. If the vehicle being replaced is silver in colour, then the temporary replacement vehicle must likewise be silver in colour.

Full 12 month replacement licences: A new hackney carriage can be licensed for a full 12 months subject to it complying with the council’s policy for new hackney carriages, including – but not limited to – the requirements that it must be wheelchair accessible and silver in colour. This option allows you to use the vehicle for a number of customers who may require it throughout the year. 

  1. Telephone an approved testing station 1) Swanbrook on 01452 712386 (option 3) or 2) Ubico 01242 387780 arrange an appointment for the vehicle to have an MOT and fitness test.
  2. Check if the vehicle being licensed is on the council’s list of approved vehicle models. If the vehicle is not on the approved list, please email to arrange for an inspection to be carried out by licensing officers.
  3. Complete the online vehicle application form. You can also pay the fee and upload vehicle documents here.
  4. Take the vehicle for the MOT and fitness test at the approved testing station. Please note: Replacement hackney carriages should make sure a fully calibrated meter has been installed prior to the MOT and fitness test. The testing station will provide you with an MOT pass certificate and a fitness certificate.  
  5. To finish the application, visit Cheltenham Borough Council during one of the 'licensing open sessions':


13:00 – 16:00


13:00 – 16:00

You will need to produce the following documentation to the licensing officer unless they were uploaded at the application stage:

  1. V5/bill of sale
  2. Insurance (public/private hire)
  3. MOT certificate
  4. Yellow fitness certificate
  5. M1 certificate (wheelchair accessible vehicles only)
  6. Meter calibration certificate (hackney carriages only)

The applicant will be issued with a plate, window badge, no-smoking stickers and advanced booking stickers (private hire only).

Please ensure that the appropriate person is insured to drive the vehicle as once the licence is issued the vehicle becomes a licensed vehicle. We would advise that the client meets at Cheltenham Borough Council to collect the vehicle.