APLH booking - What happens next

Thank you for booking your Award for Personal Licence Holder e-learning option and remote examination. 

Here is everything you need to know about the e-learning and the remote examination.


If you have requested the e-learning option, you will receive an email from Highfield E-learning with a link to the online training material. You have up to one year to complete this course. 

Once you have completed the e-learning package, please confirm this by emailing [email protected].

You will also need to include a suitable date and time for you to take your remote examination. Examinations will only take place between 9am and 4:30pm, Monday to Friday. 

What will happen next? 

No later than 24 hours before your examination a remote invigilator from the examination board, Highfield, will email you your joining instructions. 

What do I need to take my test?

You will need: a computer/laptop, smartphone, ID verification documents, strong internet connection and if allowed, external materials such as calculators, textbooks, pen and paper. Please visit Highfield's website for further information.

Examination day

On the day of the examination, familiarise yourself with our ‘qualify at home checklist’ (see bottom page) and then follow the joining instructions provided to you in your email.

Before the examination will start, you will be required to confirm your identity using your photographic ID, held clearly in front of your web enabled camera. Simply follow the onscreen instructions.   

You will be asked onscreen, to set up your mobile phone in a position so the camera can see you and your workstation. If you do not position your phone correctly, Highfield may withhold your result(s).   

If you feel you should be permitted a reasonable adjustment and/or special consideration, please notify your centre prior to your examination

When do I receive my results?

You will receive a preliminary result at the end of your examination. This is subject to quality assurance at Highfield.

What happens after I have taken my exam? When will I receive my certificate?

Once your exam has been completed, providing there were no issues raised during the invigilation of the exam, your results will be released to Cheltenham Borough Council and we will distribute your electronic certificate should you have passed.

Good luck!