Cycle Cheltways

Map showing proposed network of cycle ways

Provisional cycle network

There is a key opportunity to significantly increase cycling in Cheltenham. To do this cycling needs to appeal to all. Cycling also needs to be attractive from door to door.

In the section on Liveable Streets guidance on the types of cycle infrastructure that should be considered for different street types is provided. This strategy follows the principle that all streets should be cycleable, and a three tier approach to achieving this is proposed.

The first two tiers form part of the liveable streets programme which works to ensure that all streets are ‘cycleable’. The top tier of the cycle network is proposed to form a branded and signed high quality cycle network that can be used by all which connects key assets and is genuinely attractive to all ages and abilities of cyclist using a wide variety of bikes.

There are some cases on the busiest parts of the highway network in Cheltenham where it is unlikely to be possible to provide the type segregated cycle facility that will appeal to all. In these cases a parallel route should be considered. The Cycle Cheltway indicative network takes this approach to the Tewkesbury Road for example.

The paragraphs below describe the elements of the proposed door to door cycle ‘network’ and include a description of the proposed Cheltways network.

Liveable Streets - 1

This reflects the recognition that cycling needs to be attractive door to door and therefore all streets form part of the cycle ‘network’. The proposed speed limit strategy and the involvement of communities leading the delivery of small scale street projects and events are the key planks of doing this. These are included in the Liveable Streets programme.

Liveable Streets - 2

There is also a need to address local barriers to cycling by providing sometimes small or discrete cycle specific interventions. These could include a variety of small projects from crossing facilities through to short stretches of segregated cycleways.

These small cycling infrastructure projects are also part of the Liveable Streets programme.

Cycle Cheltways

We're proposing to develop a network of branded high quality cycle routes that connect key areas including the proposed interchanges, the town centre and key areas of employment. The network will provide key north-south-east-west links across Cheltenham. A provisional network is shown on this page. This will need further development through more detailed assessment work.

We expect the delivery of Cycle Cheltways to be in the upper end of the cost range £5 million to £20 million. This is in addition to the likely costs associated with the Bishops Cleeve - Cheltenham - Gloucester cycle route.