Delivery of the strategy

A diagram of how the componant parts of the strategy fit together. Shows the drivers for change, parts of the strategy and aspects of delivery.The previous pages of this strategy have set out the drivers for change or the reasons why the way people move around Cheltenham needs to change and a set of mode based strategies. This section describes the key programmes needed to deliver these strategies. The structure of the programmes reflects the fact that individual modes do not live in isolation either in terms of the spaces they use or journeys people take.

The diagram gives a summary of the way that the drivers for change, mode based strategies and programmes fit together.


The proposed programmes of work fall under the following headings and are described in the following sections. Where it is possible at this stage to identify a broad cost envelope this is also included.

Roles and responsibilities

A coherent and integrated transport strategy is important to both influence partners and bid for funding. Furthermore, delivering Connecting Cheltenham will only be possible through partnership working but it is also important to identify key roles and responsibilities.

Gloucestershire County Council

Gloucestershire County Council are the hghway authority. They are responsible for the development and delivery of the Local Transport Plan and they will be the lead authority for the delivery of all major transport works that affect the highways or future ‘liveable streets’ of Cheltenham. They also lead the negotiations with developers on transport and street adoption and are responsible for highway maintenance. They therefore have a critical role in what will be the incremental process required to deliver Liveable Streets and a step change in the levels of use of cycling and public transport.

It is important that all decisions and works (capital and revenue) affecting the highways within Cheltenham whatever the scale and complexity consistently apply the principles of Liveable Streets and respond to the aspirations of this strategy. It is also important that scale of investment in cycling and the investment programmes to support public transport are appropriate to deliver the scale of ambition.

Cheltenham Borough Council

Cheltenham Borough Council are the planning authority. In terms of transport we work in partnership with the county to influence transport investment and develop funding bids. We have a key role in influencing and guiding the approach to transport investment and management to ensure the Cheltenham’s aspirations are delivered.

Design review is a material consideration in the planning process and provides independent design advice that aims to help drive up design standards.

For transport projects that require planning consent and new development that includes new streets we can seek design review to help increase design quality.

We could also seek design review of transport projects that do not require planning consent but have a significant impact on Cheltenham’s important townscape and landscape. This would require the agreement of the county council.

Public transport operators

Public transport services (bus and rail) are predominantly run by private operators. Driving up public transport use is a shared objective which will require coordinated investment from both public and private sectors. In terms of the private sector operators there are key areas which they will need to take forward including investment in less polluting vehicles and the development of multi-operator ticketing.

Community organisations

Local communities also have a key role delivering Connecting Cheltenham. Communities have a role influencing what is included in transport strategies and delivery plans and also the projects as they come forward through consultation and engagement.

There is also an opportunity to enable communities to lead and deliver small scale street projects and events which contribute to Liveable Streets.

Highways England

Highways England are responsible for the trunk road and all capital and maintenance projects on it.