West Cheltenham

Map showing the allocated urban extensions in West Cheltenham and movement links

Movement between allocated urban extension and wider Cheltenham.

The Joint Core Strategy has allocated a number of strategic urban extensions. These strategic urban extensions include two allocations for West Cheltenham, comprising housing, employment and mixed-use centres as well as strategic green infrastructure and safeguarded land areas. In addition, within Cheltenham’s existing urban boundary a number of areas have been identified by Cheltenham Homes for regeneration. Largely these areas of regeneration include existing housing stocks located along the Princess Elizabeth Way corridor.

The map image shows a strategy for movement between these allocated urban extensions and wider Cheltenham. Consideration has been given to emerging masterplanning work both within the area of the Cyber Park and West Cheltenham in addition to the Connecting Places Strategy as set out in these pages. The emerging masterplanning work is included on this page for ease of reference.

This Connecting Cheltenham strategy establishes the principles for high levels of connectivity between these new development areas and Cheltenham’s existing urban grain. The proposed movement plan shown here sets out opportunities to promote modal shift by looking at key routes for improved walking and cycle infrastructure as well as which routes could have bus gate priority. In addition, this movement plan has looked beyond these strategic allocations to give consideration to the integration of the safeguarded land areas as well as links to both the new park and ride provision and the improved all-movement junction along the M5 motorway.

The map also identifies a number of locations for potential urban design and public realm interventions. These sites are located along strategic pedestrian and cycle routes between West Cheltenham and the town centre, and have been selected due to their potential to both integrate with the wider movement strategy as well as achieve far reaching impacts on their local communities.

Cyber-hub masterplan

The vision for this area includes the following elements:

  1. A world class campus - A diverse campus that integrates a diverse mix of uses and people. A 24/7 campus will enable leading cyber businesses and innovators alongside academic facilities dedicated to cyber and digital technologies
  2. Good connectivity - An accessible development that is physically, digitally and culturally integrated
  3. High quality residential - An inclusive community of approximately 3000 new homes that provide varied, affordable and flexible tenancies
  4. Inclusive community - A strong community feel through inclusive and transformational mix of uses
  5. Health and wellbeing - A green and biodiverse development that encourages physical and mental wellbeing
  6. Environmentally innovative - An ecological friendly development that is restorative to its natural surroundings
  7. High quality landscape setting - A vibrant and thriving community within a high quality and unique landscape setting
  8. Smart ecosystems - A connected community that is digitally, environmentally and socially intelligent

The success of many of the above masterplan principles rely on a cohesive movement strategy between the new areas of development and the existing Cheltenham urban areas. Therefore it is important to ensure that proposals for the new cyber vision fit with the overall strategy for Connecting Cheltenham and promote sustainable modes of travel.

Cheltenham homes - Cheltenham West neighbourhood

Map showing areas of west Cheltenham that have been identified for regeneration

Cheltenham West neighbourhood

The Cheltenham West neighbourhood map highlights the areas identified for regeneration by Cheltenham homes. These areas of existing housing stock are located in West Cheltenham along the Princess Elizabeth Way corridor. The regeneration of a number of these areas have already had public consultation:

  1. Princess Elizabeth Way Central Area
  2. The Moors and Devon Avenue Areas
  3. Princess Elizabeth Way and Gloucester Road Area
  4. Coronation Square
  5. Surrounding Areas including Edinburgh Place, Hester Way and Marsland Road

Opportunities exist to combine investment by Cheltenham Borough Homes with wider highway and public realm improvements to encourage sustainable modes of transport between these regeneration areas, West Cheltenham strategic allocations, and Cheltenham town centre.